I used to wonder if I could be brave. When I was a young boy, I imagined myself battling monsters, being a soldier, a policeman, or a firefighter. Later, I admired the physicians in my hometown, and saw their long hours and selfless dedication as a noble way to live a life. Their examples influenced me beyond my understanding at the time.

Further along my own path, I tried gradually to understand how to walk in another’s shoes, but never as well as I would have liked. It is difficult to live outside the constraints of our mortal envelope, to try and see the world from another’s view point and realize the only control we have in life, the only accountability, is for our own decisions. The ultimate truth each of us learns is we can’t completely control the highway life takes us down, but we can control how we choose to walk that road.

Recently, I had the privilege to witness another man’s journey down a road no one would want, a path with only one possible ending, short of something miraculous. No one could blame him for being bitter or angry, and I’m sure he had his moments, but in the end, I saw only kindness and patience. From him, and around him, and about him. I could only hope if I were walking the same road, I would have the faith and understanding to walk so gracefully.

I pray for him and his family. I write this short note to remind myself in times to come when I will wonder if I can be brave, that I have seen what courage looks like. I know how to find it now. It is surrounded by love.

Peace be with you.


I’m by nature an introvert. I don’t naturally like to share much about myself. So why am I writing this? I guess as I enter the last couple decades of my life, I find myself introspective. I would like to make sense of my life and feel it matters that I’ve been here on this planet for almost sixty years. I would guess most of us feel this way eventually.

We all have our concerns and fears. EVERYONE does. No matter what they say or how they act. I promise you they do. If you sit down with someone and they trust you enough, eventually there will be a story or incident they wish had never happened. I say this only to reassure you that you are no different from me nor from the next person. We are all human. We all live on this rock circling the right kind of star at just the right distance giving us a chance at life.

So, I would like to dedicate this site to the best of humanity. Kindness and Compassion, Courage, and Honesty, Love and Hope, for we are human, the only one of our kind in our known Universe for now. These traits form the best of our stories which have the ability to entertain, and sometimes, we may learn something about ourselves or others.

I believe there have been, are, and will be other sentient beings in the countless doorways of the Universe. But I also know that we alone are the citizens and shepherds of our planet Earth. I would like to see us find our way to a common understanding such that we no longer think of ourselves as American or European or Russian, but as citizens of Earth. I would like us to fear each other less and the loss of our humanity more.

I believe that is more likely to happen as we spread out from our planet. Mars beckons, and a sustaining colony on Mars improves humanity’s chances of survival dramatically. I hope I see it in my lifetime, but I hope my children live it.

Peace be with you.

Lawrence Simpson